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Journey consulting is committed to challenging organizations and individuals to realize their strengths and use them to serve others effectively and efficiently. 

My name is Kurt Podeszwa and I am the Founder of Journey Consulting.  I work with organizations and individuals to help people stay fresh, learn  new skills, and move to the next level.

How can I help you?  Let’s work on that together;  I am a speaker, trainer, educator, and facilitator.  I have worked with corporations to help with organizational development, team building, creativity, customer service and more.

I work with youth development organizations to help train youth workers on how to relate to and interact with children, how to train staff and how to exceed the expectations of parents.

My programs are custom made to fit your organization’s needs.  Here are just a few ways I can help your organization.

Teambuilding Activity Sessions:
Teams are built through activity.  What are your organization’s goals? Better communication? Problem Solving? Conflict Resolution? Customer Service?  I can help with all of these and more.  Through activity, fun, frustration, and problem-solving activities your organization can take the next step toward greatness.

Educational Sessions:
From company in-service sessions to conferences and keynotes, I continue to develop sessions based on topics that are current. Sessions include Leadership Basics, Understanding Generational Differences, Social Media Basics, Social Media and Your Digital Footprint, Staff Issues, Understanding your communication and personality style, Selfish Selflessness, Customer Service, Goal Focused Communication and much more.

Organizational Assessment:                                                                                                                   Often times it is difficult to see the strengths and weaknesses of our organization from the inside.  I have worked with organizations to assess their efficiency in staffing, training, organization, customer service, marketing and more.  I will collect data and present not only the status of each area but a concrete plan on how to become more effective and efficient in carrying out your Mission and Vision.

Strategic Planning                                                                                                                                     With 20 plus years in nonprofit management I have assisted a number of organizations in strategic planning.  The secret to good strategic planning is the ability to determine capacity and create achievable goals with checkpoints so that the organization makes sure they are making progress.  I can help in all aspect of strategic planning, from simple meeting facilitation to long-term interaction and measurement of success.

All programs are custom made to fit your individual needs. Whether you are a large company, small company, not for profit or youth group, Journey Consulting can help. Call or email today to get more information and prices.



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  1. Niambi Jaha-Echols says:

    Congratulations Kurt! Continued success!!!

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